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Comic-Con San Diego

Linda and Gollum
Linda and Gollum

Spent a fabulous day at Comic-Con around like-minded people. Comic-Con allows the sci-fi/fantasy geeks to be the coolest people in the building. The highlights of the overwhelmingly full day in which you can’t see everything and be everywhere at once were:

Adam Hughes, comic book artist and illustrator of Cat Woman and Wonder Woman, who was funny and informative about the evolution of DC Comics and his art.

George R.R. Martin, who talked mostly about his “Skin Trade” story adaptation to comic book and a little about his novel series in which weather plays a character as important as the ones on two or four legs (thank you, GRRM, for bringing dire wolves back from Pleistocene extinction). I can’t wait for the next installment of that, but “Skin Trade” is iconic and I enjoyed hearing him discuss his long love of comics.

There are always unexpected surprises at Comic-Con. Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 Omniverse panel preceded Neil Gaiman and I attended it in order to guarantee a seat for Gaiman. I had never heard of Ben 10 but enjoyed the full-length episode they screened and the entertaining panel discussion afterwards. I have now turned a four-year-old I know onto Ben 10, at least until his mother heard one of the characters say something like, “I’m going to kick your butt.” I guess that is not something a preschool four-year-old should learn to say. However, I think his dad may still allow him to watch. There I go, corrupting America’s youth.

Neil Gaiman was witty, intelligent, and outrageously British, of course, while discussing his writer’s process, his new novel The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and the 25th anniversary of “The Sandman” comic. All in all, he was the highlight of my day at Comic-Con.