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J.K. Rowling Changes Her Mind

Recently in an interview, J.K. Rowling stated she had made a mistake in having Hermione and Ron become a couple because they were not right for one another and it should have been Hermione and Harry. She said her mistake resulted from wish fulfillment on her part, not from what was realistic for the characters.

Throughout the entire series I believed that Hermione and Harry were compatible because they were best friends without all the insecure envy that Ron showed towards both of them. His nature was not going to change as he aged unless H and H became total losers who never accomplished anything after Hogwarts, which was not going to happen, ever. Can you imagine being brilliant , successful Hermione and having to keep telling Ron for the rest of your life that he is smart and capable, too? Yuck.

So for Valentine’s Day, I congratulate all of you who have a life partner who was and is your best friend. The one without all the emotional baggage. For those still searching, a companion should be a compatible lover, of course, but more importantly, your friend. Works for me.