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Happy New Year

This is the happiest of New Years because the Sitawan paperback is available now. Many of you have waited patiently for the print copy and now your patience is rewarded.

For my readers/writers out there who will be indie publishing, just remember that it will take a lot more of your time than you first thought. Even with my support team, it was a fascinating, fun, but laborious experience. Now that I have crossed the first hurdle, I intend that the sequel to Sitawan will go more quickly. But it is worth every effort, writers!

Speaking of the sequel, I am back to writing and that makes me very content and happy.

The Process

For those of you who hope to sell your book electronically, let’s just say that getting it to that point will take you a lot longer than you first thought. That has been my experience and I have heard the same from fellow independent writers. I know that many of my readers have been eagerly awaiting release of Sitawan: A Humboldt Pack Story and I appreciation your enthusiasm and am happy to announce that the end is in sight. This is largely due to Jen, my creative and patient graphic artist, and to Greg, the always supportive and mostly patient chief cook and houseboy around here, who is also my go-to-guy for all things technology.

The main problem is with me. I retreat into my creative frame of mind where my characters are helping me to write the best story possible and when either Greg or Jen says things like HTML or JPEG or which book cover do you prefer, I mostly give them blank looks and/or bury my head in my hands. However, since I finished the “final” rewrite/edit, it has been easier to dutifully pay attention to their questions, give them constructive feedback, and focus on the other parts of the process of electronic publishing. But you would have to ask them to be sure.

I hope that all you writers out there will also have a knowledgeable, supportive, and most importantly, patient team to help you through the process.