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It was inevitable. Write a book about Werewolves and become very aware of the cycles of the moon. However, I have always been intrigued by the moon. A few years ago when my German Shepherd Grendel was aging and needed to be walked every evening just at bedtime, she and I would saunter down the sidewalk enjoying the quiet of the evening and stare at the moon. Grendel was a 95 pound lady and the most wolflike of all the dogs I have loved. So now, each full moon night I watch the moon and remember those quiet nights and think of her.

17th Annual Literary Arts Festival, Grossmont College

17th Annual Literary Arts Festival

Werewolves, Vampires, and Zombies—Oh My!

The Not-So-Human in Literature: A Panel Presentation with Lauren Spears, Linda Mitchell, and Lisa Shapiro

I was excited and freakishly nervous to be reading excerpts from Werewolf Whisperer [to be published under the title Sitawan: A Humboldt Pack Story] in front of a full to capacity crowd at the Literary Arts Festival. It was my first public reading of this work and the audience laughed in all the right places and did not laugh in the not funny ones, so it was a success.

I shared the panel with Lauren Spears who discussed her master’s thesis “A Tale of Two Monsters; or, the Dialectic of Horror.” She argued that vampires and zombies are the same “species, divided by wealth, social privilege, and class.” Lisa Shapiro’s presentation entitled The Castle Ghost—Connecting Life and Death in Literature shared research and photographs for her current novel. We had a wickedly good time sharing all things gruesome and supernatural.