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Most humans wake up to mice in their kitchens, Sitawan wakes up to Werewolves in hers. She is a self-described “freak,” not because of Werewolves but because of her horrific dream prophecies that as a child made her an outcast, so she never shares them with humans. Fortunately, her silence and isolation ended when Michael, a new Werewolf, befriended her and they shared their deepest secrets. Now Michael and Sitawan’s human lovers, Werewolves, and the local police make a dangerous combination that endangers not only their friendship but also their very lives.

Humboldt Pack Leader Lavaka has been threatening Sitawan since he first met her at 11 years old, so she learned to stand up to “The Big Bully” by acting ornery and stubborn, necessary qualities when associating with Werewolves. Her normally rollercoaster life accelerates out of control because Lavaka pursues her talent for dream prophecy like he’s stalking an elk on a full moon hunt, her environmental consulting firm remains solvent mostly because of Werewolf business connections, and she dates a human cop at a time when Werewolves are no longer shot on sight as long as they live in the Texas Relocation Camp. All that is business as usual until another pack wants her dead.

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